Sep 30, 2010


Listening to the original Japanese Medarotto (Medabots) opening theme xD!

Haven't been drawing the past couple of days. Been mostly reading the KibiShin fanfics (the current fic I'm reading is very long!) that I manage to find. So that's been keeping me busy. -I'm thinking about staying up late tonight, maybe to finish up some things..

Anyway, for the past month or more I've become quite a fan of schmoyoho's funktastic auto-tune news/songs. Their latest remix 'SunnyD and Rum' got me inspired to draw some shoujo for odd some reason:

[Despite how much I hate drawing girls, I like how this turned out. Especially when I used the textures. I don't use them too often, and this just made me realize how useful they can be. I'll try using them more in my work.

Not sure if I like her color theme.. I wanted something bright and exciting, but this is all I could come up with. The one thing I decided on when I was drawing her was that she would have pink hair OTL]

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