Sep 16, 2010

Pchat & Commission WIP

Was just chillin' in pchat a moment ago. I really can't motivate myself to draw there unless a friend is with me.. *sigh* I did manage to draw a full body picture (with very lame perspective):

[I really need to work on my perspectives and foreshortening sob.. -And whoa. I just realized that I haven't drawn a SHOTA in a while. As in, just a random shota, rather than fanart of characters that I shota-rize xD]

Also drew a couple of headshots, but I don't feel like wasting space here lol. -So here's the commission WIP instead:

And here's an edited version because I thought it looked cool:

[Edited by decreasing the color depth to 5 colors. I really love messing with the color depth lately.]

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