Sep 24, 2010


I'm at my dad's place right now (for the weekend). To those of you who know me personally, you know how it's like when I'm over here. I pretty much can't do anything besides lock myself in my room with some dvd/video I've seen more than once playing in the background as I attempt to draw traditionally.

But it's all well and good. I tend to draw a lot more when there's no internet around to distract me. I hope I can get started on a couple of future projects I have in mind..

I'm thinking of finding some of my old video tapes that my bros and I used to record DBZ onto (evenings on Toonami, 5 days a week!). I really want to rewatch and get back into DB/Z thanks to SOMEBODY (I'm looking at you, LavenderIce!). -Plus, I really want to see more Shin~ ♥

Here's a picture I spent all night working on (and off):

[Not much to say. KibiShin is officially my DBZ OTP~!

Shin: K-Kibito's..?! Uwah- It's quite big, isn't it.. ♥
(He's referring to the size~)

(I'd have this very same reaction if I saw Shin like that ^p^)]

I just wanted to make this update before I finally decide to crash (I've seriously had no sleep since yesterday. It's 7:30PM now). I probably won't update again until I come home on Sunday, so see you alll then! ^u^)/

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