Sep 27, 2010

Omacha no Cha-Cha-Cha!

So I got back from dad's earlier today. I've just been settling back in for the past few hours. It feels sooo nice to be using my own computer again!

Um, anyway. Not much to share today. I took a couple of pictures of some of the work I did (which isn't much, because I honestly don't want to show off my R-18 sketches OTL;;):

[I always say my traditionals are terrible. But that's only because I only sketch in my sketchpads and on paper. I never really draw anything that I can consider as 'neat'. This is actually my attempt at making a sketch look presentable. -If you zoom in, you can see my messy pencil lines xD;

Anyway. Drawing of Shin again. I only edited the brightness/contrast a little so that it would stand out better in the dull photo.]

[I meant it when I mentioned the R-18 sketches. I was really going all out with the whole KibiShin thing over the weekend. This here is a script of sorts for an R-18 doujin idea that I made up after looking at a few uke!Shin shots I drew that I thought would look interesting in doujin format. I'm such a perv, damn xP; -Hopefully you can't read my already tiny writing.]

The title is a song from the Prince of Tennis album 'Kikumaru Eiji ga Utau Douyou Mekyokushu - Family de Tanoshimo'. I was listening to it when I started typing out this entry, lol.

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