Sep 28, 2010

Hot White Chocolate--

IS DELICIOUS! ♥ I might get mother to keep purchasing white chocolate powder. Or maybe find some other brands so I can try them out. It really is delicious on a cold day! *A*

Anyways! I said I'd update earlier today. However, I only woke up 4 or more hours ago, and I haven't exactly drawn anything in the time I've been awake.. *sigh* -But no problem! My package from jpqueen arrived while I was sleeping, so I figured I'd take some photos~

Very thick Prince of Tennis reprint doujin by Ryoji Hido. I know there's a first and second part I'm supposed to get before this one. To be honest, I only bought this because it's Prince of Tennis and the cover looked interesting. I might bother to buy the other books another time, even though I don't understand what's going on in them xD;

Back cover. Sorry it's blurry!

Here's one scene in the doujin I found particularly funny. Akazawa wanted to catch some fish, but they're all on a cliff and the waves down below were really rough (plus there's sharks). But Akazawa went anyway, and jumped right in with a SPEAR. Everyone was freaking out, and when they couldn't see him below the cliff, so everyone assumed the worse (event Atobe and Oshitari were crying!). But then he appeared soon after with a freaking shark draped over his shoulder. He then gets punched by Mizuki because Mizuki was the most worried (I think they're paired in this.. haha).

Some Prince of Tennis little accessories tin cases. Jpqueen was only selling a couple of these and I figured I may as well buy them while they were still there. Unfortunately I think all of them are Rikkai-based.

I'm not really sure whose is which since there wasn't any little sheet of paper that showed what kind of accessories were available, but I'm going to guess this is Kirihara's. You can't tell since the photo is blurry, but it says 'DEVIL' on it, along with a picture of a devil wing and tail. 

This one was the most confusing. I can't even read what it says. But on the back I think it says 'Sanada', so I'm just.. I'm just going to believe that it's Sanada's. And his accessory is SO LAME.

And here is one I bought at another time. This one is Niou's, and it says 'Illusion' along the front (most blurry photo of them all! LOL). I'm actually thinking of giving these away as prizes for a future Prince of Tennis contest (since I'm president of the PoT club on MB). -I might keep Kirihara's though. His is cute xD

This is just a random photo I took of my adorable USB xD; The USB can be placed into the bear's head. I don't usually take the bear around with me when I'm using it. -The little man in the front is just a phonestrap that I attached to it. 

[EDIT]: PFFT. I didn't realize the doujin had a glittery cover until I was looking at the photo LOL! *loser*

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