Sep 21, 2010

Hiroto ♥

Wanted to make a post that wasn't part of my art process tutorial =3=)/

Earlier I managed to finally watch episode 99-100 of Inazuma Eleven. Episode 99 was a little disappointing. Was honestly hoping for more action from it. Episode 100 on the other hand..

Okay, well. I expected a little more for episode 100 considering the series finally went into its triple digits. But I wasn't disappointed. Random funny episode featuring Hiroto and Kogure. And Kappa. -I'm beginning to see why Nie likes Hiroto so much. I haven't liked him that much since he first appeared, but I'm beginning to grow more fond of him. (And how could I resist that adorable Rolo voice?)

Kogure is so innocent ^p^ He really needs more screen time. I'd also like to know more about his past life. Did his mother really abandon him? And WHY? -Even though he's a bit of a brat, I'd love to have Kogure as my child ;3;;

[Hiroto ♥ I didn't mean to draw him looking so.. sensual. I just drew his usually droopy eyes, and this was the outcome OTL;; -Need to work on more lying down poses. He looks a bit awkward like that.]

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