Sep 18, 2010

Full Body?

Late update today. Do you ever have that feeling where you want to draw, but you just CAN'T? I hate it so much. I doubt it's art block. I think I just lack the right motivation to get me going at the moment.

I've been forcing myself to draw more full bodies lately. I really need to work on my anatomy, and to keep it consistent. I tend to draw lanky-ish figures, or just too skinny. Have some sketches:

[Not a very good sketch of Naruto. One of my friends requested him with short sleeves and shorts (I only actually cropped his original clothing). This is all I came up with OTL;;]

[Latvia/Raivis. Don't ask me what he's wearing, because I don't even know, myself. I just wanted to draw some shota wearing shorts with stockings underneath. It might've looked better if he weren't wearing a turtleneck.. Then again, it does look a little like winter-wear.]


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  2. (Sorry, posted as my mom the first time >.>) Aw, but it's such a cute little Naruto! And the Raivis is absolutely ADORABLE!!! Sorry, Hetalia is my main fandom, so I kinda freak over anything related to it ^_^; I love your sketches and hope I can be as good as you, one day ;;_;: