Sep 21, 2010

Art Process / Tutorial - PART 2

A bit of a late update. I can't believe I distracted myself from drawing almost all of yesterday and today OTL;; I haven't even done much to the picture, yet. But it's getting there. WIPs:

6. Started coloring Inui's jacket (and hat). I'm doing a pretty half-assed job, and it's a little too dark for my tastes (I'll try edit it later). But I did my best to make the shades more sharper/darker so that the clothing looked at least a little realistic.

7. Close-up of his crotch! Close up of his pants. I looked up pirates in google, and I noticed that in most of the pirate captain images, they're wearing those adorable little booties with the buckle on the front, which is more accented with their 3/4 cut pants and bright white socks.

8. More coloring done. It was a little troublesome coloring the vest in after the coat. But I know it would have been more annoying to color around it had I colored the vest in first. -Reversed image. I like to be sure my images look alright when mirrored (so it's more balanced). I still can't draw a perfect mirror image, but I'm working on it. 

9. I actually should have done this before I started coloring, but usually when I'm using layers, I make sure to fill in the lineart first (so I can just lock the layer and then color without going out of the lines) with a bright color to have as a sort of base. I then lock the layer and then color from there. 

In the picture I started erasing the colors outside the lines, and I filled out any clear areas with the pink so I could lock the layer and finish coloring the rest of his coat. 

10. A zoom out of what I've done so far.

Not much of a tutorial anymore. I'll probably only have one more part to post after this. The rest will just be screenshots of my progress.

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