Sep 19, 2010

Art Process / Tutorial - PART 1

I was really only going to post up the process of how I do my art. But waifu asked me for a tutorial. I figured I'd just do it in one go. The program I'll be using is Paint Tool SAI:

1. First I draw the sketch. Some people prefer to draw their sketches in another color so it'll be easier to lineart after. But I find it easier if I draw in black. Plus, lowering the opacity of the sketch when you're done does the same job as a colored sketch would.

2. The lineart process. I'm only drawing this on a 1000x1000px canvas, by the way. I haven't resized it to a higher resolution for this (which is pretty stupid), because I was only planning for this to be a sketch. 

3. More lineart done. I changed Momo's arm so that he's pointing (I had so much trouble drawing it. Still doesn't look right, but whatever).

4. Coloring! This is where an actual tutorial comes in;; I'll just be writing brief explanations for those three examples there:
  1. I use the 'Pen' tool to both fill and shade color. You don't have to use the pen tool exactly, but it's more full, so that way you don't leave any lighter opacitied spots (in case you want to lock the layer at some point). 
  2. Using the 'Marker' tool, I eyedrop the darker color and lightly spread it around how I want.
  3. I do the same process again, but using the lighter color. That way it mixes together better. This also works with using the 'Brush' tool.
5. More coloring. You can't tell, but I'm only using one layer to color. Even though it's a bitch, it can be quite useful to use only one layer when using this style. Because at some point you'll go over the line, and manage to accidentally  mix the colors in a way that actually make the image look good.

Anywho. I'm still coloring right now. So I'll be back later to post the other parts.

[EDIT]: Waifu asked me what brush settings I use =u=

  • Pen tool I use for both lineart and filling color. For lineart I generally use 1.0 size, or 1.5. Depending on the resolution. In this case, I used 1.0, since I'm drawing in a low resolution.
  • Marker tool is for coloring. I've only started raping this tool recently, and it's a whole lot more fun than using the brush tool because of the sharp edge it tends to give (example here), even if I don't use the sharpen filter/effect afterwards.
  • Brush tool works like the Marker tool, but less sharp and more soft. Pretty much does the same thing.

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